The Risk Of Failing To Maintain Your Vehicle

As has been mentioned previously, failure to carry out regular maintenance on your vehicle can lead to more severe problems in the future.

Certain mechanical failures can occur that will leave great expense in order to fix without proper vehicle maintenance. Some of the most expensive issues that can occur as a result of not maintaining your vehicle can be found below:-

  • Fixing or replacing the cylinderblock – the need to either fix or replace the cylinderblock in your vehicle is often a sign of continued neglect. Cylinderblock failure occurs when the correct mixture of fuel, air and sparks are missing, which leads to the cylinderblock overheating and then failing. The cost to either replace or repair a cylinderblock can cost up to R 15000 because of the labour costs involved.
  • Replacing the transmission assembly – transmission problems can be caused by regular maintenance. These problems are rare only if regular maintenance, especially if you follow your manufacturer’s guide, is carried out. Without a fully functioning transmission, your car will be unable to turn and to replace the transmission assembly could cost you at least R 8000 if not more.
  • Replacing the cylinder head and spark plugs – not maintaining your cylinder head and spark plugs can lead to engine failure. Misfires in your engine will cause the cylinders to heat up and fail and this can cost up to R 12000.
  • Replacing the camshaft – failure to change your oil regularly and cleaning your valves will lead to dirt and grime building up which can result in your camshaft failing. This usually only happens if regular maintenance is neglected so you shouldn’t have a problem with this assembly unless you fail to maintain your vehicle. The cost of replacing your camshaft can cost between R 1200 and R 3500.

As you can see with just some of the possible problems that can occur without regular maintenance, the consequence of it can be very expensive. So to avoid having to pay out vast sums of money, it is important to ensure you carry out maintenance duties now.

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